Investor Relations

JDM Capital intends to create investment opportunities for its limited partners who are seeking real estate exposure for their clients and the business interests they represent.

A resource for both foreign and domestic investors, JDM Capital provides investors with structured investments that are designed to maximize principal security, optimize current yield, and generate new opportunities for growth.

The firm believes its ability to move among asset classes (including office, retail, residential, hospitality, industrial, condominium, ground lease, medical, land and multi-family properties) can potentially serve to limit exposure for risk-averse clients while offering the foundation for securing possibly higher economic returns.

Accredited Investors

JDM Capital provides its partners with the ability to add a real estate component to their portfolios.  By working with JDM Capital, these partners gain: a central processing point for internal inquiries, recapitalizations and newly originated debt deals; the opportunity to increase their number of funds under management; diversification of their investor base, and the ability to add a platform without adding personnel.

Institutional Investors

JDM Capital provides operational and financial value-added services for banks, financial companies, funds and investment partnerships.  The firm aims to improve returns on investment by negotiating national and international transactions that consist of multiple deal types and asset classes.  The JDM Capital team’s experience in serving institutional investors is supported by the firm’s unique understanding of property investment and financing; extensive national and international experience; and in-depth expertise in real estate development, redevelopment and management.

Global Investors

JDM Capital offers flexible investment opportunities for global investors seeking to acquire real estate in the U.S. as a means for pursuing long-term yield.

By working with an independent trustee, JDM Capital intends to present unique opportunities that meet each international investor’s individual criteria.  Allocating committed capital according to an agreed-upon strategy, JDM Capital is focused on delivering advantageous returns on investment.

JDM Capital develops and delivers a portfolio of structured investments designed to maximize principal security, optimize current yield, and generate new opportunities for growth.