Asset & Portfolio Management Experience

Asset and Portfolio Management Experience


JDM Capital has had experience in nearly $2 billion in transactions, representing more than $9 billion in total asset value of underlying collateral during the past 9+ years. These are national and international transactions that span multiple deal types and asset classes, most of which have been directly managed and monitored by JDM Capital Corporation. The firm also provides advisory services in varying capacities from origination to redemption, including:

  • Commercial financing
  • Debt restructuring
  • Property marketing and lease negotiations
  • Market and transaction monitoring
  • Underwriting and financial analysis
  • Operational planning and budgeting
  • Appraisal review
  • Environmental compliance and reporting
  • Property condition assessment and planning




JDM employs a diversified strategy, investing in a range of geographic areas
with a focus on macro-economic factors that drive decisions.



Over the years, the JDM portfolio has included an expansive array of assets, providing the expertise to move into various markets as they develop.



True to its combined objectives of seeking security and opportunity, JDM has historically aligned its investment strategies with its investors’ risk allocation .