Joseph W. DeMatteo, Sr. – President and Chief Executive Officer


A fourth generation real estate professional, Joseph DeMatteo has overseen the underwriting and advisement of over $45 billion in securitized transactions over the course of his 20 year career. He has also asset-managed nearly $2 billion of investments, representing several billions of dollars in direct real estate value.

Prior to forming JDM, Joseph DeMatteo worked at several of the nation’s largest real estate investment firms. It was here that he learned the intricacies of structuring major real estate transactions. However, he also learned that big-name firms tend to pay higher prices for the assets in their portfolios, and that their clients tend to pay more for large corporate infrastructures.

Seeking to establish a more agile, tactical, and focused company, Mr. DeMatteo formed JDM Capital in 2004. The firm focuses on low and medium-scale real estate investments, financing, acquiring and developing a wide range of assets, including office, multi-family residential, hotel, commercial, industrial, retail and land opportunities.

Mr. DeMatteo is also a well-regarded advisor, providing consulting services to such corporations as CIT, Morgan Stanley, Wachovia, Bank of America, Citibank,Lehman, Invesco, Carlyle, and Phillips Electronics.

A member of the faculty of New York University, Mr. DeMatteo has developed courses, lectured and taught in NYU’s Master’s Program and School of Professional Studies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the State University of New York (concentration in International Business and Finance, received a degree in Building and Construction Management and Certificate in Hotel Operations from New York University, and completed the Executive Program in Negotiation at a Harvard Law School Consortium.

Mr. DeMatteo is also a frequent presenter at industry conferences and events, and guest author for various national and international real estate publications.